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Apptitecture is a mobile app development business and we design and build mobile apps for a number of different businesses on a global scale. We have seen the need to give Innovative Entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to start an app business, the opportunity to join us via our monthly subscription program. We utilize an easy app builder platform as seen in the screenshot below. Our platform is very interactive and most of all responsive. No coding experience is required to use our platform and build your apps. Using a no coding app maker to build your apps could not have been easier. If you think this opportunity is for you then get in touch with us and we will be happy to get you started.

Easy Mobile App, No Coding

Learn more about building Powerful Functioning Mobile Apps with no coding experience

No coding app maker

Gone are the days when Mobile Apps could only be developed by people with programming Language skills. This is not the case anymore as anyone can now do it.

Free mobile app builder

There are so many App Builder Platforms now on the internet that anyone can use to design and build Mobile Apps for almost anything you can think of.

Easy drag and drop

Developers have realised that writing codes for Mobile App Projects can be time consuming and so the clever idea to design an easy App builder Platform came about..

Apptitecture App Design Made Easy

How to build Mobile Apps from Scratch. No coding involved.

We go all the way to provide our customers with the necessary tools to build Mobile Applications with simplicity and ease. You are not left alone, our Support team have prepared detailed instructions on how to use our  App builder Platform to create that stunning App you always wanted. We take you by the hand and explain all the different functions and features on the Platform.


We now have some amazing new features which will certainly make your experience of using our Platform a memorable one. These E-Books are free to all our users to download. When you are ready to build Apps with our Platform all materials in our resources will be available to you. In these free E-Books, we prepared the steps needed for you to build an App from scratch. We went furthur to show you how to publish your Apps on the Google and Apple Stores.

We have another E-Book which explains what you as a Mobile App builder will need to get started with us. This is a Multi-mollion dollar industry you can't afford to neglect, so join us and start building Apps. 



Platform Solutions

This free E-Book shows you how to get started

Our mobile App Building Platform is quite easy to use, no coding experience necessary for you to start building apps for your clients. There is no software to download as you will be signing in to your own platform in the cloud with your own control panel, building apps for your clients. You will have the opportunity to convince your potential clients that a mobile app is a powerful marketing tool for their businesses. Try our free trial for 30 days and test your apps building skills




App Design Technology

This free E-Book shows you how to build Apps

Powerful cutting edge Apptitecture Platform with amazing feature sets and full customisation. No coding or technical experience required for you to join as you will be trained to build amazing App in minutes. This is a powerful business to tap into, as millions of people now own a mobile phone and would love to be able to use their phones to shop for products or services at their convenience. Why wait, get on board and start using our new and upgraded platform. Easy app builder solution. Absolutely no coding experience necessary to get you building apps.



Business Opportunity

This E-Book shows how to publish your Apps

When you join us as a business owner and choose one of our plans, you will have your own white label platform where you can build and manage your clients apps. You will have your own backend, dashboard panel to manage your clients, and you will be able to publish your clients apps on the Apple and Google play stores. The good news is, you get to keep all the profits made from your apps. No setup fee required, just your first month subscription. You can work from home and build apps full time or part time. Full support from the Apptitecture team awaits you so get onboard and make this a one time opportunity to be your own boss. Click on the link below and enter access code: y%20^xtv$ to get this free book.




What Apptitecture can do for you...

Detailed Design

We specialised in designing a building stunning Mobile Apps for small, medium and large businesses on a global level.

Lighten up your business

We will bring your business to your potential customers with a Mobile App. Mobile App is a powerful marketing tool for any business.

Lifetime Support for your Apps

When we build your Apps, we will give you lifetime support. This means, your Apps will always be up to date.

Easy App Builder platform for mobile app design

Make money from a mobile app business with the right marketing tools Market your mobile app development business to potential customers with amazing business cards.


Your Business is our business. We have a resellers program at Apptitecture which involves you owning your own app builder platform to build amazing apps for potential clients globally. You will take advantage of our marketing tools like business cards, brochures, and of course our support, to help you to grow your business. You will be the boss of your business so you have to be prepared to dedicate alot of time and energy to take this venture to the next level. There might be loads of business owners in your community with not even a website for their business and so this is where you will convince these business owners of the benefits of a mobile app for their business, as millions of customers own a mobile phone and would love to be able to find their business online.

We utilize a No Coding app builder which gives you the opportunity to build stunning apps for these businesses. Whether it be a restaurant, beauty saloon, dental surgery, schools, churches, social groups, doctor's office, we have the solution readily available in the form of a number of pre-made templates to get you up and running in no time. The possibilities are endless and its easy to join. You can choose from one of our affordable plans below. You have a 30 days free trial period in which you can explore our platform and build your apps. However, with this option, you will not be able to publish your app until you subscribe to whether a basic plan a premium plan or a professional plan. VISIT OUR PRICING PAGE TO SUBSCRIBE AND START BUILDING AMAZING APPS.

Our Team

Leonard Henry

C.E.O. and Founder

Apptitecture Mobile App Design Solutions is an App development business and we design and build Mobile Applications for various kinds of businesses globally.

Jahmil Henry

Support Manager

Providing all the professional support needed for subscribers who want to build quality Applications for their clients  .

Pritania Davis

Marketing Consultant

Typical people person. Over 5 years of experience in marketing and solid customer service. Taking the Apptitecture Mobile App business to the global audience. 

IOS apps android apps html5 blackberry and windows apps Build your Mobile Apps once, compatible across the Apple, Android, Html5, Blackberry and Windows platform.
Easy to use app design templates for your business needs Here at Apptitecture, we have a number of pre-made templates for different businesses, to get you started.

Give your business a facelift by investing in a mobile app. A mobile app can (a) increase foot traffic to your business, (b) keep customers and potential customers up to date with your products and services, (c) improves customer loyalty (d) increase your revenue stream and many more advantages. We can build mobile apps for you to benefit from these advantages.

You can also build your apps yourself, by using our app builder platform with loads of amazing features. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch with us to show you how.

No coding app builder technology Apptitecture's brochure for our Caribbean customers. Increase foot traffic to your business. Get in touch.
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